Guidelines for Captioning Providers

Cost Estimates

It is important to give as much information as possible when you fill out the response form. The estimate of total cost and your hourly rate for the job are required. Fill in the best numbers for both lines. You may note they are estimates until you receive more information. If you don’t know how many hours are being requested, you should include that question on your response form among any others that you have for the consumer who is requesting captioning or CART. You can ask additional questions if they arise, via the CaptionMatch website.

Note that the estimates are not binding. You will not commit to a rate and/or total price for the job until you are matched, at which time you and the consumer will enter into a contractual arrangement directly. CaptionMatch does not do that for you. Providers and consumers make arrangements after a match is made, just as they would do if they found each other outside of CaptionMatch.

Asking Questions

Remember also to ask questions if you are not sure what kind of captioning service is being requested. You can give more than one rate (for example, for on-site and for remote) if you wish. Information you include in your initial response about, for example, system requirements, equipment you will bring, or equipment you expect the consumer to provide makes it easier for the consumer to select a provider from the responses received.