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About CaptionMatch

Are you a captioning company?

No, not at all. CaptionMatch is a service that lets people or companies who need captioning find people or companies who do captioning. We're a clearinghouse.

Does CaptionMatch vet the captioners or guarantee the quality of their work?

No. People who need captioning must do this on their own, the way they would if they found the captioner themselves.

What is the "beta" version of Caption Match?

"Beta" is just a way of describing how new CaptionMatch is. We launched at the end of 2012 and the first transactions have been processed. There may still be bugs in the system and we are working on several enhancements, including this FAQ page!

Registering for CaptionMatch

Does it cost anything to register?

No, not for consumers (i.e., users) of captioning services. And, for the time being, registration is also free for providers who want to view and respond to consumer requests (Responding Providers). Remember that when a consumer accepts a provider's response, the consumer is responsible for payment to the provider. The provider pays CaptionMatch a small fee for making the "match".

Subscribing Providers can post requests for subcontractors. They also can respond to Consumer captioning requests, paying fees when a match is made. The cost of an annual subscription for Subscribing Providers is $100

Why do you need my physical address?

Basically, because we want to know who you are, at least before matching you with someone else. You may have noticed that we do not use Captchas on our registration page (we don't like them either), so this information gives us a hint that you are a real person.

I want to post a captioning request right away. How long will it take you to process my registration?

Our goal is to approve all registrations within 24 hours. Normally, it is much faster than that.

Requesting Captioning Services

Does it cost anything to make a request?

No. Posting a request is totally free for consumer users and for captioners who are looking for help on a project.

Who pays for captioning?

The organization putting on the event or producing the media content would usually pay. If they have never included captioning before, it may be necessary to educate them about the need and this may take substantial time and effort. The CCAC website ( has good information about models of advocacy. Often, after choosing the provider you prefer, the provider can help educate and advocate with you so that the organization can understand the need, the law, the equipment needed, and general logistics. Sometimes the individual making the request pays for the professional service on their own.

Is there an extra fee for a soft/hardcopy of the transcripts?

You can specify on the request form that you would like to know whether the provider's fee will include a transcript and how long it will take to produce one.

What is the turnaround time for a session of CaptionMatch?

There is no such thing as a "session of CaptionMatch". We are a clearinghouse. When you post a captioning request, we notify all the providers who have registered. They respond to you and you can choose which responses are suitable for your needs. Based on our experience so far, providers respond within minutes or a day.

I'm not sure I can afford captioning services. Should I post a request?

You certainly can post a request. You are not obligated in any way to accept or even reply to any responses you get. And everything is anonymous until a match is made. CaptionMatch needs to be informed if you want to withdraw the request.

Can I communicate directly with the provider?

Yes, once a match is made, we will give your e-mail address to the provider and vice versa so that you can finalize all the arrangements, including how the provider will be paid. Until then, all communications go through CaptionMatch.

When I get a response to my request, can I discuss costs with the provider?

Discussing costs with a provider is totally fine. Some costs are negotiable depending on the nature of the work, time constraints, and other factors, for example, if you are a small non-profit or want to caption a personal video. You might also discuss costs with a provider if you have to explain the need for captioning to event organizers who are being asked to foot the bill.

I'm not sure whether the technology will work? For example, will the captioner be able pick up the participants’ voices and display them on the overhead projector screen? I don’t think my computer can pick up voices at certain distances. Will we have to use several standard microphones so the CART provider can hear the Q&A and informal conversations?

These are the kinds of questions that you can put into your request. The more information you give a provider, the more specific the response is going to be. And, everything will go more quickly too.

Responding to a Captioning Request

I am a registered provider and have responded to a user request. What happens next?

CaptionMatch will relay your response to the requester, without your name or organization. Thus, please DO NOT include your name or contact information in your response, so that everything remains anonymous. If the requester answers and is considering your proposal, you will get that reply quickly. The requester may simply accept your response, in which case your name will be revealed and the two of you will then work out service arrangements and payment details (CaptionMatch is not involved in this step - see our Terms of Service). It's also possible the requester will have some questions which CaptionMatch will relay to you and to which you will want to respond also. To summarize, the role of CaptionMatch is to make it easier for people to ask for services, to offer providers another option to find work, and to handle communications between you and the person/organization who requested captioning.

It seems as if CaptionMatch is competing with established captioning companies. Why?

CaptionMatch is a new way to educate and foster an inclusive society. It also continues advocacy for quality captioning in many places where it is lacking now and needed. We are not in competition at all; our objective is also to build the market for provider services by making it easier for people to ask for captioning and encourage more people to obtain training to provide captioning services.

How do you know we'll not bypass CaptionMatch the next time the requester asks us for service?

We trust you to be honest about this. If we find out that you have not been, we will enforce our Terms of Service, which require you to pay CaptionMatch a fee for all work done as a result of a "match", starting from the first time CaptionMatch connected you with a person or organization requesting captioning. We sincerely believe that trusting professional relationships lead to the best outcomes for all.

If CaptionMatch gets several responses to a captioning request, which ones get sent to the requester?

At present, we are sending the first three responses, as they arrive. Sometimes, the first provider to respond has a higher chance to interest the user, depending on how you describe your services and costs. If you think we should send more (or less), please send us your suggestions; let us know by e-mail.

Paying the CaptionMatch Fee (For Providers)

I finished the project for the captioning client. How do I pay the CaptionMatch fee?

Go to the "my account" tab on the menu bar and enter the amount you billed the client. The website will calculate the fee due and take you to a secure PayPal site to make the payment. You can pay using your own PayPal account, or using any one of the major credit cards, in any currency.

Do I have to pay in advance?

No. For shorter jobs, (e.g., "one-time" projects or events of a few days duration), you pay when the job is completed. However, in the case of jobs that extend over more than one month, payment is due on a monthly basis. So if you, for example, are providing CART services for a university course that lasts 14 weeks, you must pay the CaptionMatch fee for each monthly bill that you render. Another example might be a one-year contract to caption a series of videos, where you would pay the fee at the end of each month that you worked on the contract.

Managing Your Account

How do I change my e-mail address?

For this, you have to contact CaptionMatch at [email protected]. All other changes, including password changes, physical address and - if you are a provider - the description of your services, you can use the "my account" tab on the menu bar.

I forgot my password and can't log in. What do I do?

Go to the home page and click on the "forgot" link (upper right). A new secure password will be e-mailed to you. You can change it to something more friendly when you log on and go to the "my account" page.

Let us know if you have a question that isn't answered here by sending an e-mail to: [email protected]
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