Fee Schedule

Consumers do not pay any fees to CaptionMatch for registering or for posting their requests. Consumers – or an entity they work with – pay a Provider for captioning services after a match is made.

There are two kinds of Provider registrants: Responding Providers and Subscribing Providers.

  1. Responding Providers may respond to captioning requests posted by Consumers and to requests for subcontractors posted by Subscribing Providers. In order to encourage use of CaptionMatch, there is no fee for registering as a Responding Provider at present.
    • Responding Providers are required to pay CaptionMatch a matching fee for each job resulting from a CaptionMatch connection. The fee is due only for matches made with Consumers. There is no fee for matches made when a Responding Provider is working as a subcontractor.
    • The matching fee is $10 plus 8% of actual billings. The table below presents three examples of fees due to CaptionMatch for different project sizes.
Project Size Matching Fee
$200 $26
$500 $50
$1,000 $90
    • Fees are due monthly, based on actual billings. Before receiving contact information of a Consumer or Subscribing Provider, Responding Providers must confirm that the fee will be paid if an agreement is reached.
    • Providers must also agree to send CaptionMatch a summary of progress on the job once every two weeks, at a minimum.
  1. Subscribing Providers can post requests for subcontractors. They also can respond to Consumer captioning requests, paying fees as described above when a match is made.
    • The cost of an annual subscription for Subscribing Providers is $100. Only Subscribing Providers can access the subcontractor request form, which is used to match subcontractors with Subscribing Provider needs. The matching fee is $50, paid once for each subcontractor that the Subscribing Provider finds through CaptionMatch.
    • If the work performed by the subcontractor is not satisfactory, the Subscribing Provider can request – in a timely way – another match, for which no fee will be charged.

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