CaptionMatch was launched in November 2012 by the founder of the Collaborative for Communication Access via Captioning (CCAC), a non-profit consumer advocacy organization. The goal is to provide funds to support growing captioning advocacy activities in the CCAC and its hundreds of members globally. The mission of the CCAC is to advocate for inclusion of quality captioning universally, not only for millions of people with hearing loss or deafness, but also – and vitally – for millions of others who need or use captioning for literacy and language learning, translations, online search engines, and more.

CaptionMatch, a service of the CCAC, aims to make it easier for you to ask for captioning, whether it’s for a short video, a museum lecture, an appointment at a doctor’s office, or a longer film, series of videos, webinars, or semester-long courses.

Registration is free. If you don’t have a specific request right now, you can add to the wishlist on the site so that others can see and think about where captioning is needed. There are already several providers willing to respond quickly to a request, sometimes within minutes of it being posted. When a match is made between you and a provider, you move forward in the usual ways: agree on terms, pay the provider his or her usual fee, and/or work together to get another organization (e.g., a museum) to pay the provider. You select the provider from among those who reply to your request.

The founder of the CCAC and of the CaptionMatch service is a deafened adult with broad professional experience working with people, creating new ventures harnessing the energy of group dynamics online, and consulting internationally to start-ups and multinationals.

Feedback so far about CaptionMatch has been very positive, both from members, friends, followers, and “consumers” as well as “providers.” If you care to offer suggestions about the “beta” version now launched, please send them along via e-mail.