CCAC’s CaptionMatch Service – Important Changes – Closed for now

June 2017 with update August 2017
CaptionMatch – a free service to locate a provider – was designed by a CCAC volunteer and was active for about five years.
The service is now closed (on hold) for the current season. Thanks to all who participated during earlier years.
Please consider joining the CCAC to talk about captioning advocacy and related issues. Go to
CCAC email is [email protected]
REASON FOR THE CHANGES:  The CaptionMatch system is in need of several updates. The CCAC does not have resources at the current time for the required upgrade, which would also streamline the hours put into dealing with each request.  It takes quite a lot of time, as all providers know, to manage any request since it often involves educating the user and many communications back and forth. The CCAC is an official non-profit and all-volunteer organization.